About Us

Asteria Consulting Solutions is a leading executive search and selection company established in April 2013 and has become a gateway for providing a wide range of recruitment services across the nation. We are professionally managed Human Resource professionals offering our clients a continuum of services to meet their HR needs throughout their business cycle.

We have broad and deep expertise across most economic sectors and Indian market’s peculiarities. We draw on this experience base to help you beat your competition and produce exceptional talent hunt returns. We bring together perspectives from a wide range of industries and business models.

We not only provide recruitment consultancy services to our clients but also give the right candidate a right platform to get their dream jobs. We can help our clients to get the suitable candidates, cultivate them and retain them.

We have adopted the practices and procedures that are designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the market; thereby offering the best employee recruitment.

We have categorized our hiring process into five phases, namely: -

  • Planning
  • Quick Quality Solutions
  • Delivery on demand
  • E2E hiring support
  • Closure

We committed to deliver the results within taxing times and deadlines. We work alongside our clients to understand their specific business requirement for recommending and implementing the most suitable and cost effective recruitment solutions from time to time.

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We have built a very competent and talented team of “Talent Hunters” with unique sectoral specialization and geographical coverage. The current focus areas of the Team include the following:

  • Media (Print / Digital / Electronic)
  • Information Technology & Information Technology Enabled Services
  • Advertising, Entertainment, Media & Communications
  • Retail

Asteria Consulting Solutions ensures that the best possible applicant must be provided to the unique needs of our client. Our 9 step recruitment process for permanent staff ensures the efficacy of this claim.


Recruitment Strategy Design

Database Search



Reference Checking

Interview Reports

Follow-up Services


We follow a carefully structured recruitment and selection process, which starts right from understanding the clients' needs and functions all the way to follow-ups with both clients and candidates post recruitment. A brief description of the different stages involved in our recruitment process is given below:


Undertake Organization / Functional Mapping exercises as per clients needs. In order to ensure the best recruitment online of a suitable candidate, we give prime consideration to the company's existing business activities, business plans, work-culture, structures, systems and future plans. The initial planning enable us in identifying the needs of both the company as well as the candidates, which further leads us to deciding on a search strategy to target on specific skills, education, personality and experience.

Quick Quality Solutions

The quality staffing solutions provided by Asteria are a result of its careful attention towards an organized medium of functioning, accountability towards delivery and its spirit of partnership towards both clients as well as aspiring professionals.

Delivery on demand

With its centralized delivery infrastructures headquartered strategically in Faridabad and a widely networked BD and CRM team across India, Asteria Consulting has created a systematic, client-friendly operational module.

The USP of Asteria Consulting lies in its belief that the key factor in providing quality service is the understanding of client and candidate needs to facilitating a seamless match between client requirements and the aspirations of candidates.


The implementation stage consists of several phases including initial Interviews, Short-listing, preliminary interviews, short-listing of candidates, client interviews and formal reference checks.


The closure stage consists of negotiation & offer, Follow-up / progress and handholding.

Negotiation & Offer

We actively participate in the negotiation process including compensation. Both the client and the candidates draw on our in-depth knowledge of market compensation and benefits in order to discuss and plan a competitive and equitable package.

Follow Up / Progress

Understanding the importance of follow up / progress phase, we keep in touch with the candidate until the time he / she joins the company.


After the successful candidate joining for a specified job, we keep an ongoing dialogue with both the candidate and the client. This handholding process ensures a smooth integration into the organisation and accomplishment of targets and performance goals.

Hot Vacancies


  1. Ad Sales / Space Selling – Print / Digital / TV
  2. Sub Editor / Sr. Sub Editor / Chief Sub Editor - Digital
  3. Copy Editor / Sr. Copy Editor
  4. Product Manager – Digital
  5. Product Manager – Mobile Apps
  6. Integrated Solutions BFSI – Print / Digital
  7. Content / Feature Writer
  8. International Ad Sales
  9. Brand Content Writer
  10. Ad Operations – TV / Print
  11. Mobile Content – English / Hindi
  12. Graphic Designer – Print
  13. Corporate Sales - Print / TV / Digital
  14. Institutional Sales – Print
  15. Faculty – Media Institution